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690109 Trostisar Bumpsicle Mamsi Green Bear Soft Toy with Ice Pop Bruise Soother

Trostisar Bumpsicle Mamsi Green Bear Ice Pop Bruise Soother


Features :-

  • Quality Trostisar soft toy
  • Approx 13cm tall
  • Contains re-useable silicone mould ice pop maker
  • Soft plush green fabric outer sleave
  • Suitable for babies with adult supervision

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Product Description

The Trostisar Bumpsicle Bear is a bruise soother inside a soft toy which makes your child smile as their bruise goes down. What’s even better is that can be eaten as an ice-pop when you feel better, helping your child to calm down if they are upset! Simply fill the silicone mould with a child’s favourite juice or smoothie, milk, yoghurt or water and store in the freezer. When a child has hurt themselves, has a bump, knock, sting or scrape, simply take the mould from the freezer, zip into the cute character case and apply to the injured area. When the child is feeling better, pop the lid off and enjoy as a refreshing ice-pop! Can also be used in winter months as a hand warmer.


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