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2300 Teddykompaniet Diingliar Pink Cat Comforter Blanket with Soother Holder

Teddykompaniet Pink Cat Comforter Blanket with Dummy Holder

£15.99 £13.99

Features :-

  • Quality Teddykompaniet comforter blanket with soother holder
  • Soft Pink plush fabric with Pink underside
  • Approx size 24 x 24 cm
  • Blanket includes 12 signature silky taggie tags
  • Suitable for babies from birth

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Product Description

This Quality Teddykompaniet Pink Cat Comforter blanket with dummy holder comes from the Teddykompaniet Diingliar range of animals. With 12 tags on 2 sides of the blanket and a soother holder and at approx 24cm square makes it an ideal present for your loved ones. Also on the blanket is a Pink Cat motif in one corner with embroidered Diinglisar logo.


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