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25571 Pipsy Koala Blue Comforter Blanket

Pipsy Koala Blue Comforter Blanket

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Features :-

  • Approx 20 cm dia suitable From Birth
  • Squeaker Nose
  • Friendly Smiling Face
  • Ruffled Satin Ribbon for extra touch sensation
  • Silky Ribbons
  • 2 Textured, chewy teethers
  • Squishy ears
  • Textured soft backing fabric

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Product Description

The French word Doudou roughly translates to Beloved Snuggly, and is an essential that every baby should have.
The Pipsy Koala Comfort Doudou is designed to grow with your baby to become a treasured companion. Mums can sleep with it before the baby is born to pass on their unique smell to comfort baby through the night. The Doudou is super soft and just the right size for a newborn, with an easy to recognise smiling face. As your baby develops, they can enjoy the squeaky nose, textured and smooth ribbons and tactile fabric and chew on the two satisfying teethers. Approx size 20 cm dia suitable for babies from birth.


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